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So where to begin????? We left off at the sleep over on Day 2, sooooo…. here are the pictures of the end of the evening.

We split them in 2 rooms!!!

We had so many bodies, we had to place them in both rooms sprawled out on the floor in sleeping bags………

The evening began with food and fun, and Secretariat (the Movie). Of course we watched this in Laurene’s space downstairs. She has a large screen, and surround sound. The thundering of the hooves was shaking the chandelier in Giovanna’s room..


This was one adventure I created and was not able to attend until the end, Life sometimes calls you away……. But lucky for me MY HUSBAND took over in my absence and was able to take right over  (LOL).  I did prepare the food ahead so when the girls came over all they had to do was heat and eat!!!!!!! (did not make the artichoke dip, much to Rosie’s dismay).
The evening was a success and by the time I returned to Styleland’s Merlin Location the movie was in full swing and the Hormel Chili dip was  coming down the stairs… chips in tow. Wow this was great…. Kitchen was cleaned girls were settled in snug as bugs with their blankets all over the sectional and the thunder of the race was on.

super wings

Now For SUPER BOWL XLV. This comes under some of the other categories………… Food is the love of my life ……… Gabe runs a close second and my children third. I enjoy cooking eating, and drinking a good glass of wine so for tonight we are serving:
Chicken Wings (of course! Gabe is from Buffalo NY)

Potato Salad
Brisket (with Mastriani Rolls)
Guacamole, Cheese dip, salsa
vegetable plate with Ranch dip
Buffalo chicken dip
Mach Quiche

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