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Well it’s been a while since we’ve visited with Mother Theresa!! Sooooooo my sister Carol Ann (as Mother Theresa calls her) is my mother’s life line, I mean Mother Theresa cannot function if she doesn’t speak to my sister Carol Ann. Recently, Carol Ann had minor surgery on her knee, Well you would have thought it was a triple bypass . My poor mother was in tears!! At the hospital for her surgery the cast of family members was…. Carol’s daughter’s Lauren (my 1st niece, daughter to Carol, granddaughter to Mother Theresa, cousin to Giovanna and Rosaria, sister to two siblings Stefanie and Elizabeth, wife to Brian Draus) , my 2nd niece Stefanie (daughter to Carol, granddaughter to Mother Theresa, cousin to Giovanna and Rosaria, sister of two siblings Lauren and Elizabeth) Mother Theresa and yours truly Me, the other daughter from the same mother!!

We followed Carol Ann around from admission to recovery!! All of us, we support each other thru every moment of life no matter how monumental or insignificant. We are family (and Italian to boot). We sat we laughed, we waited and we went home. (Of course we ate and visited a wonderful new pastry shop in downtown Amsterdam called Dolci, for some cannolli and sfogliatelle in the interim!)

She was over my house Sunday, Dinner of course was wonderful!!  We did her laundry (an every Sunday chore) and washed set and placed her hair!!! Another every Sunday must!! Don’t you just love the white tear drop earings (probably Monet) !!! She is the greatest!!! So cute and Italian!!!

The newest contraption in Mother Theresa’s life is the Cellaphone, for all of us Americans its a cell phone but for Mother Theresa it’s a CELLAPHONE, you know, cousin to the Telephone!!Well as the story goes, the nursing home Mother Theresa just moved into, wanted a absorbent amount for a phone line so we just decided that we would give Mother Theresa a cell. She has poor eyesight so we programmed everyone’s number in 2-8 so she would have us all on speed dial. That is just the seven immediate people she needs to keep track of. This worked for a while, until from holding the phone in her hands she had pressed the function button on the side. The function that is assigned to the button is, The Verbal Command function!! Well this was an adventure that we will laugh about for many years, When she opens the flip phone it says “Say a command” well, lol, Mother Theresa was so upset, she calls me and says “What command does it want???, Every time I open this cellaphone its asking me for a command, what does it want from me!!”Well we were rolling on the ground! This is only the beginning of the story, I call Verizon and ask them if there is anyway she can use her home phonewith the large number pad? They were very helpful and gave me a device called “Verizon home phone connect”

This was great! I thought…….But nooooo!!!! she now says” I think I want the cellaphone back!”,  she likes the fact that the screen changes when she gets a phone call so she can tell if someone has called her! Another reason she wants to switch back to the CELLAPHONE is that she cannot work the speed dial on her home phone she keeps erasing the numbers OMMMMGGGG!!!! It’s always an adventure with Mother Theresa stay tuned to find out whether we keep the home phone or go back to the CELLAPHONE!



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