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My Girls

My husband travels during the week and it is usually impossible for him to travel with us on spring break trips and over school holidays. As the children get older and school vacation schedules become more difficult to coordinate, I thought about taking the girls on a mother daughter trip. I hope these trips will become a tradition and some of my daughters’ most treasured memories as they get older.  I think we will learn so much about each other and share wonderful times together.

I would think that advance planning is particularly important, this is something we are going to have to work on, planning is not easy with teenagers (Help Jill!! she is our oldest)and pretty good at planning outings, I’m sure she will have input and help plan our mother daughter trip.

Rosie, Jill, Giovanna

Here are a few ideas I’m thinking will work for planning a great mother/daughter bonding trip:

Something Short – for our first mother/daughter trip, I’m thinking we could start out by planning a weekend getaway or a relatively short day trip. Two of my girls are teenagers and just adore spending time with me! (of course that is an out-and-out lie!!) And we have an older daughter that has come home recently she is the bridge between the two younger ones and my husband and I. So…………where to start??

Choose The Right Place –  Pick something that is exciting for all of us. Selecting a destination where we can explore shared interests, create a schedule that will work for us, and possibly experience something new together. Making sure to involve my darling daughters in planning the trip and encouraging them to research ideas online. Spending time together in a new environment will hopefully bring out a shared spirit of adventure and discovery.

Budget In Advance – This can certainly be a factor when planning a trip with a teen especially my little princesses. We will have to have an honest discussion about money issues in advance rather than waiting until I have to say “no” to something my daughters want to do. Discussing things like accommodations, dining options, attractions, and shopping are a must!

Try to figure out a “Special Activity”– Including a special activity or event would make this mother/daughter trip particularly meaningful. This will have to be built around shared interests that will make memories or offer new perspectives on each other.  This might include seeing a live television show or Broadway play. My daughters love doing “girly” things,  so maybe mother/daughter spa treatments?? I will try to find out what would be an “amazing”  thing to do.

Don’t have any expectations– I would love to think that we will laugh and enjoy every moment together but honestly relationship issues will probably surface, and those heart-to-heart chats might never occur. That’s okay, I want to take it as comes and go with the flow. Despite the fact that I’m going with two hormonal teenagers this may be the best trip we have ever had.

Creating Memories – I would love to take a great camera with us, my daughter Giovanna is a great photographer and I think that we can create a great memory book to document our day or days. I know that Rosaria is not shy in front of a camera and  Jill is certainly photogenic.  I would treasure it forever.

Where to go what to do????

Choosing the right destination for our mother/daughter getaway is the most important part of the planning process. One of the interests we all share are horses the other is shopping and arts. So maybe NYC for a day or weekend of fun, shopping and a play???

NYC My Home – New York City has all the right stuff for a perfect mother/daughter getaway. I’m from Queens and we go home from time to time to visit family, but we always try to go into the city.  In Times Square, you can get half-price tickets for a Broadway play. I signed up for tickets to the Rachael Ray Show (not sure that will pan out) or we can take a movie location tour with On Location Tours, go shopping in SoHo, cruise by the Statue of Liberty with Circle Line or take a ride on “The Beast,” visit the Empire State Building and the Natural History Museum, go biking in Central Park, and so much more. If we plan on visiting a number of attractions, purchasing a New York City Citypass could save us a few dollars.

I think we have a plan, now to sell this to the girls…………….. Stay tuned, hopefully we will post some pictures!!!!



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