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Holiday Shopping has started, well it’s really in full swing! Looking for the perfect gift for friends and relatives this year? Gift giving is a tricky task, especially for friends. With so many ideas on what to get, I thought we would give you a few ideas to get your holiday shopping started, and Santa a run for his money.


Share some happiness – Surprise them with a family day or evening out, purchase tickets to a local show or concert. Admission to the Museum or Ice skating. Locally we have the Times Union Center or the Palace Theater, Proctors… you’ll be giving a memory that will last much longer than that sweater or pair of boots.


Light Up Their Holiday – Candles are always a great gift for anyone, the ambiance created by candles makes a home warm and welcoming for holiday. Candles also promote a feeling of relaxation during the stressful holiday season. Seven out of 10 households use candles as a focal point for their home décor, says The National Candle Association, and candles inspire aromatherapy-like relaxation and stress reduction. Who can’t use that this time of the year?


Size, Shmize – Skip the sizeable items this year. Not only does receiving the wrong size gift mean an annoying trip back to the mall to exchange it, you can also end up hurting someone’s feelings. Wrap up a pretty Scarf around some movie tickets for your BFF!movie-tickets-in-scarf-wrapping

When it comes to gift giving, it really is the thought that counts. So this season, be thoughtful. Reflect on the past year and what your friends and family need, what will make them happy, and the sort of thing that will make their lives easier.


If you’re really drawing a blank, do something homemade. Lottery tickets in a clear Christmas ball…Cookies, candies.. homemade wine???  Homemade gifts that are sure to put a smile on someone’s face, and actually tend to be the biggest hit.


I hope these ideas will help you get your holiday shopping/baking started…hmmm…I can smell the cookies!

Stay Tuned for more Adventures in Styleland.





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This year after the busy holiday season passed, winter never seemed to really take root here in the Great Northeast. By now we usually are blanketed under a vast amount of snow and the frigid weather has set in and made us hunker down for the remainder of the winter season (which normally could last till May here). But this year is so different! The temperatures haven’t dipped below the freezing mark, much less the single digits we are so accustom to. And SNOW WHAT SNOW? We have not had one storm!!! (Better watch what I’m saying there’s still time.)  It seems that as our girls have gotten older, and we are on the run so much more.

Always on the go, not only do I have my schedule to manage but theirs also. There’s always school and activities, but now they have a social calendar also. And we can’t forget shopping!!! Teenage girls have a list of monthly products they need (hair products, makeup, assorted school supplies and other necessities) seasonal clothing and upcoming events (dances, prom, confirmation, birthdays… to name a few). With Giovanna attending driving school two nights a week till June, we just have no down time. As winter break came near I was concerned with planning something to do… But the girls just wouldn’t commit.

I started to think… when summer comes, we just slow down, especially toward the end. When you want to savor the moments of carefree days, no schedules, late mornings and longer nights.

I watch our girls in the summer, riding their horses a much as they can. Doing cartwheels in the sand and staying up late, laughing and enjoying the outdoors. I watched them engaging with nature, riding bareback in shorts and with no shoes, walking on a trail near a stream watching their fascination with the cool water as it ran over their feet, and their ability to completely live in the moment with no thoughts of the past or worries about the future.

I finally got it…that’s what they wanted, no schedules ….. These are the times that we live in the moment.  When we embrace the seasons, the days, and the minutes wholeheartedly with no concern for anything other than the pursuit of adventure and play.  There are lessons to be learned there.

Finding a form of play and the time to relax is really the key to achieving balance and finding renewed inspiration in life, not only for the children but for my husband and I.  This week the girls are off for winter break, we didn’t plan much, they wanted to spend time at the barn, with their friends and stay up late watching movies with us. As for me I’m spending less time concerned with daily chores and work in order that I may spend more time with my family, thanks to that reminder from my children to live in the moment.

Seasons change quickly, too quickly sometimes.  Spring break is coming and  we are planning a trip, but this the only thing we’re planning is to relax and savor things that are important like our family, (Mother Theresa included)  and simply enjoying the fire in our fireplace, marshmallows and being together……



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