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The history of modern Roman Shades can be traced all the way back to the days of the Colosseum and the Roman Empire. Romans starting using damp cloth draperies on their windows because they reduced the dirt, dust and debris that would come inside. They would also provide privacy and block out the heat of the sun. Meanwhile, the Colosseum had a large system of awnings that used pleated cloth, much like modern Roman shades, but hung horizontally.

When they were not in use the shades pleated back on themselves, much like our modern Roman shades. The difference was that the original Roman shades hung horizontally out from the wall. Today’s Roman shades hang vertically in front of the window. Below are some historic representations of The Velarium. 

If you are looking for new window coverings for your home, there are many reasons to consider Roman shades. They are easy to customize, both in the type and color of fabric used and the sizes you need. They are perfect for smaller or irregularly sized windows. You can even use your own fabric and match it to the upholstery on a favorite coach or bedspread, or the cushions on your dining room chairs. Roman shades add a bit of class and formality to your home with the heaviness of full curtains or drapes. They are softer in appearance than most blinds or shutters and provide quality temperature control. Because you can easily open and close them, they are easy and pleasant to use, allowing you to maintain access to sunlight and views while also giving you the option for full privacy or blocking out the heat of the afternoon sun.

Roman shades have maintained their popularity through all these years because they are easy to install, easy to maintain and affordable. They are a great choice for your home. Shop my Etsy site (Micheleconti) or my Website Designsbymicheleconti.com for a discount!


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