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2012 Prom Princess

Prom Princess 2012

The day had arrived, in the morning our little princess Giovanna slept in. This was going to be a day to remember, she was already well into her time as a young lady but, today she would morph into a graceful and elegant princess. We had been anticipating this day with great joy. I had attended all of the parent information meetings and been informed of all the dangers, read all the blogs, paid all the expenses.  This is how Giovanna’s day went… She planned everything from her dress, (even with some alteration issues), shoes, jewelry, nails, toes, limo, hair and makeup, all set to go. The excitement and joy of the occasion was in her heart, and she was ready to start her day! A light breakfast and Shower and the Day had finally began!

We had Amanda (the owner of Switch Salon) with her makeup artist, come to the house at one o’clock. Giovanna was able to get ready, stress free in her home with three of her good friends. No extra charge from the salon, only requirement was to have at least 4 girls participate, and our family could be here to celebrate and watch the transformation take place , we also would not be rushing from place to place it really cut down on stress. Nails and Toes were done earlier to avoid pressure the day of the prom.

Mother Theresa, Cousin Stefanie, Aunt Carol and Uncle Lou, (who owns Soto Studios, how great to have a photographer in the family!) were at our home for this auspicious occasion. Pictures started at 4:30,  She was a vision to her Dad and I. We could not be any more proud of the beautiful person she has grown into.

The Limo was to arrive at 5:00 at Mr. & Mrs Litz’s home, (More Photo’s!!!!) and the evening began……  the Prom Walk at her school, than off to the Marriott for the Prom, fun and dinner then dancing. But the night didn’t end their in our school district the young men and women are invited to an after prom. The venue was a historic theater in Schenectady NY, Proctor’s!! They had a hypnotist and more food and fun!! Here are Giovanna’s friends that were with her for the day and the handsome young man who escorted our young lady! Enjoy!!!

Almost Ready!!

Thank you to all who made this night a great success!!

As always stay tuned…..



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I was at Denise Maurer Interiors on Wednesday and a colleague,  Besty Mattice was doing an interview on ceilings for a local paper. She came into the office where we were sitting and said “What is the color of the Year?”,  Denise says “Tangerine!” and I thought okay, lets talk about the color of the year Pantone says its called Tango Tangerine.

Exotic and Sultry Tango Tangerine is Color of the Year

“Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive, Tangerine Tango is an orange with a lot of depth to it,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “Reminiscent of the radiant shadings of a sunset, Tangerine Tango marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy.”

Jackie Jordan who is Sherwin Williams color expert always puts together a 2012 palette although her forecast seems to always be inspired by “Mother Earth” this is what she said this year about Reds “You were the first pigments we brushed on the cave wall, ground from the earth, an ancient hand print, a hunter’s arrow still chasing its target. You precede the words we’re left with to describe you: aboriginal, neolithic, blood and fire, danger and victory. You’re our past made suddenly present and the warm heat of the transformation: the V on a Masai warrior’s chest, the kiss left by a Hollywood starlet. We’ll never solve your eternal mystery: how the easiest pigment to make remains the hardest to forget, from the images our young eyes first imagined flickering in the firelight to the walls that now warm this room.” In her pallet of Reds, she lists a color named “Daredevil” sw 6882, this  spirited orangey Red is a high impact hue that would energize and add spice to any room.

This color manages to fuse happy-go-lucky warmth with sultry exoticism!( Pillow fabric, Trina Turk Santorini Persimmon $96.00 Per yd)

Dura Lee Fabric Walton Collection book # 2765
Pattern/Color: 20994-107, TERRACOTTA

I would like to say, this great color can quickly get out of control, I would tread lightly at first.  Start small, this color has a lot of energy, pair it with neutrals like grey’s and taupe’s, add in some great patterns!

I love this color in Fashion also,  this rich color goes on anything! Loved the OPI nail color as well as the lip colors that are out this year,  spring is a great time to pop some color into your wardrobe! A little inspiration for you….

Celebrity Fashion in this energetic bright!!

My Cousin Donna always says ” Accessorize, your outfit is never complete without it”

This group of accessories really shows all the options for this color, Love the chunky bracelet and earings!

This room was done by a client of mine and the shade is a flat roman I sold to her on Etsy!!



So there is our color choice for 2012, Pantone’s official color for 2012, “Tango Tangerine,” is a much brighter and more cheerful shade of orange than last year’s reigning “Honeysuckle,” but its coronation confirms that the vibrant hue—already a cosmetics mainstay—has been fully embraced throughout the worlds of fashion and design. Stimulating to the senses and considered to have an uplifting effect, tangerine is also highly valued for its invigorating scent. And in terms of color cosmetics, it is more flattering on a larger variety of skin-tones and also serves as a great transitional shade from the vibrant reds or pinks that have been so popular recently.


As always stay tuned…..







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