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Spring and summer are great times to do outdoor entertaining, some of our best memories have happened right in our own back yard. I absolutely adore outdoor rooms—-and I do mean rooms—-rugs, lamps, accessories, plenty of magazines–the works. Of course, it helps if you have a roof or awning over the area. We don’t have a covered deck at our house in New York, so when we are having friends over, I place the lamps, flowers and accessories out that day and bring them in the next, I also have a EZ UP canopy that covers the upper level of my deck so if the weather looks suspect we have a place to gather despite some droplets of rain. Look at some of these exquisite outdoor spaces….

Summer living!!!

This is a great space to enjoy your morning coffee, read the paper or gather with your family and friends! The space is tied together with a great rug!! I think spaces that don’t have rugs somehow feel incomplete. Rugs seem to ground the space and give it cohesiveness. This collection of accessories makes me want to curl up in this picture! What a cozy ensemble!

                                                                                                                         The animal print rug is an eye catching addition to this space, it brings this all together!

Accessories, pillows in pops of green make this sitting area warm and inviting.

Pops of Pink are so inviting in this roof top outdoor room.

With all the bright colors it really pulls this space together.

Great Times with Family and Friends, at my home!

This was my deck, on the 4th of July, with my friends and family these are the best times of our lives!!! Enjoy the outdoors, create a space on your deck or veranda this year that will bring you outside whenever you have a moment!


As Always stay tuned……..




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Quatrefoil in design is basically a four-lobed shape and is usually a symmetrical pattern that repeats itself. It is classic with religious and architectural history.   My wonderful daughter Rosaria is just smitten with this design, our next project for her room will have to start shortly (she is still dealing with Aqua and Brown Damask, soooo done with that!!) so we are looking for a design we like. I thought I would do the quatrefoil on her ceiling in metallic silver over a  pale gray?? That’s were we are starting, she also would like to incorporate some purple in to this design.

So starting with inspiration…This great wall covering I found at our local Lowes I am so excited!!!! I would like to do the larger damask on her ceiling and maybe the back of her book shelf in the smaller pattern!!!

Of course I love this ceiling!!! this architectural product is purchased in tiles and installed as ceiling tiles. This product is on  Jay Haon Art and Design website.

This master sweet uses a strong yellow to balance out the grey. The quatrefoil mirror is one of my favorites, used with this wall paper and layering the quatrefoil design in this space, creates a great mix of patterns.

                                                                                               This Seabrook Wallcovering used here gives depth and color to this wall.                         Grey is one of the colors that we have worked with recently, in feng shui this color represents the metal element which brings sharpness, precision, clarity and efficiency!This armoire is so pretty, and with the mercury glass doors it adds that touch of WOW to any space! Quatrefoil is so prevalent in furniture design, from wood to fabric this timeless design is sure to stay!

Stay tuned…….



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Loving this post, this is so true, being married for so many years I wanted to share this thought, this is how life unfolds itself when you find your partner in life. It made me reflect on the things that we do together (my husband and I), please enjoy!!!


When i went across this article, my yearning for this kind of love and commitment intensified..It further nurtured my optimism that what i desire really exists. “Needle in the haystack” nga lang, but i know it will be worth it.

“What My Parents Taught Me About Love” [Marnell Jameson]
Mom’s in the hospital. Nothing huge in the scheme of mortality, just a knee replacement. She’s 78, same age as Dad, and the joint has just plumb worn out. But our small family frets. Out matriarch is down, and we worry about the small odds that something might go seriously wrong, which some day will happen, but we hope not just now.
After the folks in blue wheeled her into surgery, Dad and I headed to the hospital lobby. “How are you doing?” I asked him, trying to jump-start a conversation. “Lousy”, he said. “The union’s at stake.” I knew we weren’t talking about the Civil War. “We have a routine,” he continued. “I slice the banana. She pours the cereal. I gather the laundry, but she runs the washing machine. I don’t know what kind of soap to put in.”
All this time I’d been worried about Mom, but at that moment I realized Dad was in the hospital, too. The laundry soap was just the beginning. He was alluding to their daily dance, finely tuned after 53 years of marriage. She makes the plans. He drives. She cooks. He gardens. He turns the bed down. She makes it up. He starts the coffee. If the roles were reversed, she’d feel the same desperate way. What happened to their independence?
I imagine it was a slow surrender. As in most marriages, couples either wear each other out or break each other in. It happens by degrees. You have to give to gain. Intimacy requires dependency, which requires vulnerability. It’s a package deal. And the deeper the love, the greater the risk. I’m glad my parents and their marriage have endured so I could see how scary and beautiful this is.
He continued talking, then drifted off, lost, not in confusion but in terror. He’d brought himself to the brink of his fear and caught a glimpse of how much he needs her. He vacuums. She dusts. She’s the zig to his zag.
When we’re young, we often look at our parent’s relationship and think: Ugh, how dull. We naively compare it to adolescent love, with its erratic pitches of hope, headiness and heartbreak. As a teen, the feelings seemed very real to me in a way that my parents’ love didn’t. I confused intensity with genuineness. Genuineness takes time.
Mature love picks up where romantic love leaves off, and while very different, it’s also in many ways better. Yes, the sun sets, taking its flames, but the moon, more magical, rises. Romantic love delights in novelty, while mature love revels in consistency. Dad knew the two things Mom would most want when she woke up from surgery were her glasses and lipstick, so he had them there for her.
Mature love is the payoff for investing in romantic love-which we all know doesn’t always pay-and for doing the work of mature love, the giving to gain. My parents are no longer beautiful, though they are in their day. But they’re clearly beautiful to each other.
“I miss her,” Dad tells me a couple days after her surgery. Though he sees her every day, I know he means he misses her beside him in the bed they’ve shared for half a century. He misses their routine, the zig to his zag. And I know, after she has recovered, after he’s once again slicing the bananas while she pours the cereal, that as a result of all this, they will have moved closer yet one more degree.
I will close here, this time I will heed my own advice and stay tuned to our story, our love story…….



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