It’s Furniture Friday!!!! I wanted to share this great find with you. I was in Buffalo NY visiting family.  One of my favorite haunts there is the Salvation Army at 252 S Cascade Dr, Springville, NY 14141. I always stop there. They seem to have a treasure for someone I’m currently working with.  Well on this Adventure in Styleland I found these:

Fabulous Find

Fabulous Find

My Goal was to transform them into the Louis the XV Salon chairs that I found on Ballard Design. Two of these beauties for only $10 how could you beat that! And so the project begins, here is a quick picture tutorial it took about a week to do both chairs.


Louis the IV Chair

Louis the IV Chair


Although these chairs retail for $700, the thrift store chairs look amazingly similar, almost exact same frame…

Removing the cording

Removing the cording



You can see the thousand staples used to attach the cording, this is only the beginning oy vey!! When asking Gabe to help with pulling the staples, he took pity on me, and I thought OK Green Light!!!  When my husband agrees to a project in our home (and by that I mean agrees to open his heart and sometimes his wallet to help me ), I act quickly.

Experience has taught me that green lights all too quickly turn yellow. Then, before you know it, there’s a big, fat red light staring at you through the windshield of your dreams.
When that happens, you are left with two choices… delays or apologies.  Trust me, it’s best to act while the light is green. Get Help when it’s offered!!!



The fabric had just as many staples as the cording,  I will admit that by this time my fingers were a tad sore. The fabric came off quickly with Gabe’s strong hands… and before you know it we were down to the frame working together..


Finally!!!! all the staples out and it was time for spray paint!!


The spay paint that I used was Satin Black from Rust-Oleum.

Black Spray paint for Ballard Chair Makeover

I spayed the frames with two coats and let them dry for a day before I began to start covering them, this also gave my hands a break, because at this point I was on my own, and was determined to finish these by the end of the week!

I decided to use drop clothes to cover these chairs,   I’ve always wanted to use drop cloths as a slipcover (from Martha Stewart’s magazine years ago). This was my opportunity, here is the what I used:

10 oz. drop cloth

10 oz. drop cloth

I washed and press the drop cloth first.  I used the old fabric we removed from the chair to create a pattern for the seat and back.



IMG_0113Stapling the fabric was a little tricky, I needed to pull it tight and staple it as I went, this didn’t always go smoothly, I had to remove some staples a couple of times because the fabric would pucker, but after you get a rhythm going, it goes along quickly. I did sew the fabric cording, and decided to use a black gimp on the arm pads.


Here is the finished product (pictures are not professional). This was an easy project total cost was about $60! What do you think??







Here is a picture of the living room where the chairs reside now,  complete with our Chocolate Lab Chino to compliment the brown in the room! Another project done!!


Stayed tuned for move Adventures in Styleland!!





Driving to Appt.

I know I know, can’t you handle the beauty in this photo!!! That is Denise Maurer, she’s a gorgeous redhead, but this lady is a force to be reckoned with! I’ve worked with this women for 4 years and she has shaped me into the woman I am today.

This extraordinary talented girl could design circles around Bunny Williams and do before she even had a chance to move one piece of furniture or select a fabric in a space!

Jan Showers wishes she was half the lady Denise Maurer is!

This past Monday I had a Design Day at DMI.  For all you new readers, this usually occurs on Design Team Wednesdays, when Betsy Mattice joins the Adventure team. Lately Denise has been including me on daily client appointments, this means you settle in for a 5  or 8 hour, non-stop Design yenta-fest! Which includes a quick-lunch and if your lucky a glass of wine at the end of the day to discuss notes and design choices for clients.

We began this day at the DMI office, (photo enhanced space may appear larger in photo)

DMI Green

DMI Green


Memos for our project:

Valance,pillows fabric

Valance,pillows fabric



Window seat Sofa pillows

Making sure all of the fabric memo’s had arrived for the clients Kitchen and Family Room. Then looking for color choices for shutters in the Bedroom along with shade colors for windows and the Patio door .

Denise gave me a crash course (Learning this program to be continued at a later date) on Minutes Matter, a Program that lets you incorporate fabric choices, and actual photos of your clients space and design the window treatment so you can give them a visual of the actual design!  Oh, I’m sorry, did you think that was it? Ha! That was just the before we left the office at 12:30!

And we’re off, first stop, drop off Dakota (Denise’s grandson who helps with IT work at the office for a summer job).

On to our next stop to drop off a dual flush toilet that was delivered to The DMI office instead of the client location by mistake. Denise is lifting these boxes like they were air. (Take that Martha Stewart, and you thought jail was tough!) As we dropped off the correct toilet, we picked up the incorrect product and loaded it into the vehicle. This is where you have to say “If it can happen, it will” when dealing with construction projects, somehow mistakes get made, but this was one big flush!

Incorrect Toilet

Incorrect Toilet



New Kohler Toilet

New Kohler Toilet

We are finally ready to head to the client appointment (Denise in beautiful white pants not a mark them from our previous stops).

Our mission today was a success,  4 rooms in this family home on their way to being embellished in bold new colors and prints, all it takes are a few simple changes to breathe life into familiar space.

Always thinking outside the style box Denise has a confidence to try bold trends and mix finishes bringing a broader interpretation of design styles. There is no longer a need to place styles in fixed categories like “traditional”, “rustic”, “industrial” or “country.”  I think Homes in 2014 will represent an eclectic array of stylistic influences. Picking items that speak to you individually will keep you from conforming to a rigid or overdone look.


Well that’s it for today, Stay tuned for another Adventure in Styleland! Stay Tuned…

Ending on that note!

Ending on that note!

























This little video was made by Gabe and I (The Designer Extraordinaire) for a client who needed instructions on hanging a Roman Shade on her transom window. We used a sample shade I had, to show how to fasten a valance board with EZ Rig headrail as an inside mount. We enjoyed making the video and laughed afterwards at how armature it looked.

I have family in from Australia and thanks to our cousin Karla, who helped me create a YouTube account, we have published it! Here is the link to the video. Watch, Laugh and leave feedback on if this is helpful!!

I’m Back!! Designing, decorating and Creating New Adventures in Styleland! Stay tuned for Road trips with Denise Maurer and Wednesday’s with Betsy at DMI. We are designing Women who together are not only tackle the design world, but have fun filled journeys along the way….

My daughter Rosaria and I just died laughing again, as she watched her father making this instructional video, he calls the valance board a HEADBOARD, drops the screw, we notice his bald spot…. OMG like I said HYSTERICAL…!!!

As always stay tuned for more adventures in Styleland



Green Interiors

Green Interiors

This life is short, but very, very sweet. I’ve been dealing with a couple issues in my life recently, Mother Theresa passing, my daughter Giovanna leaving for college and taking on a job in an office, to help with college tuition for Gi. The office is nice, the girls are so sweet, (well, most of them) and the Gentleman who owns the business is young , good-looking, a talanted surgeon and a great guy!

But I’m missing my design friends! well to be quite honest, I miss being up on the ladder, in the middle of my designs, with the noisy construction workers that I just can’t leave alone,because I constantly have to put my 2 cents in !!  I miss Wednesdays at Denise Maurer Interiors, with Betsy Mattice and Patty Miller, but most of all I miss sitting at my computer during the day and taking a few minutes to blog to you and share my projects, ideas and news about whats got my attention in the Design World!!

I’m rethinking taking on this extra job, its taking me away from my first love, Design so maybe just working harder at my current business will bring in the extra cash for Giovanna’s education! Some new ventures have come my way, one is a great women I met through the internet. I am looking forward to meeting Carol from Green Interiors in person. She is a client that has opened a Green Design store in MA. The name is Green Interiors! She is coming to my neck of the woods for a couple of hours to meet with me and see my workroom (which is pretty impressive if I say so myself) .  We have been talking by phone for a couple of months and I have enjoyed our early morning conversations, starting our days off sharing ideas and working together to get projects on track,  and collaborating on designs. I can’t wait to meet her, I know we’ll hug and get right down to business.  No chatting about the weather and good local shopping.  We’ll get straight to the heart of things…our faith, our businesses, our families, our journeys, our struggles, our dreams for the future.   Conversations like that are good for the soul.  It’s amazing the kind of connections that are formed through this crazy social media and blog world.

Well, I’ve learned that when you meet internet friends, you bring a gift, so I’m bringing her one of my amazing bags made of vintage fabric. that my friend Kitty makes. I can’t wait to see if this Adventure will bring me back to Styleland full-time!

As Always, Stay tuned….




Mother Theresa 1925-2013
Mama, you’ll always have a special place in my heart, you’re my example of love, my source of support and the first and sweetest gift God has given me! I will miss you sooo much!

Originally posted on Adventures In Styleland!:

Well it’s been a while since we’ve visited with Mother Theresa!! Sooooooo my sister Carol Ann (as Mother Theresa calls her) is my mother’s life line, I mean Mother Theresa cannot function if she doesn’t speak to my sister Carol Ann. Recently, Carol Ann had minor surgery on her knee, Well you would have thought it was a triple bypass . My poor mother was in tears!! At the hospital for her surgery the cast of family members was…. Carol’s daughter’s Lauren (my 1st niece, daughter to Carol, granddaughter to Mother Theresa, cousin to Giovanna and Rosaria, sister to two siblings Stefanie and Elizabeth, wife to Brian Draus) , my 2nd niece Stefanie (daughter to Carol, granddaughter to Mother Theresa, cousin to Giovanna and Rosaria, sister of two siblings Lauren and Elizabeth) Mother Theresa and yours truly Me, the other daughter from the same mother!!

We followed Carol Ann around from admission to recovery!! All of us, we support each other thru every…

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Kips Bay Showhouse 2013

Kips Bay Showhouse 2013

As I mentioned in my last post, this was one of the most memorable weekends I’ve had. We went full-out for three days and one of the highlights was the Kips Bay Showhouse.

My favorite Room was the Dining Room:

Dining Room

Dining Room photo by Courtney Price

Design by Kristen McGinnis Design Inc.

This photo cannot relate the how beautiful this room was, the amount of work that went into the space was apparent just by the finish on the blue lacquer walls, the faux finish over the gold leaf on the ceiling was done by Maya Romanoff. OMG! it was exquisite, and the lighting over the table… This branch with LED lighting was magnificent (again I’d like to point out the finish on the walls, just amazing!).

Kristen Mcginnis Designs

Kristen Mcginnis Designs

The art: Al Held Thalocropolis 1966 Acrylic on Canvas 84 x 72 inches, (also in this room but not pictured, Al Held Acracropolis 1966, acrylic on canvas, 84 x 72).

The buffet in the dining room, this piece was sensational,  it truly was another piece of art in this room…

Sideboard Kips Bay Dining Room

Kips Bay Dining Room

Buffet is by Vincent DuBourg – Bronze Double buffet Nouvelle Zeland 2011 Collection of Chum Langhome

Wendel Castle Bench

Wendel Castle Bench

This bench over looked the two-story atrium, you can see Denise Maurer peaking through the railing on the lower level!! The bench was made by Wendell Castle,  an American furniture artist and a leading figure in American craft. He is often credited with being the father of the art furniture movement. Kristen told me this bench was made by him at 84 years of age. Again this at every turn of the head this room was astonishing!

Gomez Assiciates Drawing Room

Gomez Assiciates Drawing Room

(Above) The Drawing Room, beautiful Loto Chinese Carpet, Doris Leslie Blau

Sitting Room/Barbara Ostrom

Sitting Room/Barbara Ostrom

This was another great use of a small space, the Sitting Room:  ceiling mural by I-Faux-Professional Decorative Finishes Andrei Chichkine, Inc., the Drapery and sofa fabric by Jerry Pair/Dedar.

Judy King 4th fl. Landing Aquatic Pass

Judy King 4th fl. Landing Aquatic Pass

The 4th Floor Landing was so beautiful, I would love to have the art work! Art By Modern Aquatics Series: Central Park #1, 2 & 3 Richard Bettinger Studios

Now there were so many great rooms, I could on and on seriously! This Bath blew me away!!  Toward the end of our time at Kips Bay, Denise Maurer and I made a stop in the kitchen to sip the Champagne!

IMG_0401 IMG_0495

Okay let’s get  to the giveaway!!

This giveaway was sponsored by Kravet Blogfest 2013, and  HGTV Magazine,  One lucky winner will receive a Dyson DC 47 Animal Vacuum!

Dyson Vacuum

Eligibility to win the Dyson DC 47 Vacuum:

1) Check out my past blog  read about Blogfest 2013 and tell me what where the Kravet Blogfest 2013 lunheon with Thom Filicia was held.  Name the place in a comment on this blog post.

2)  Share this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter and tell where you linked (FB or Twitter.)

3) Like my Facebook Page

So you know what to do, like my Facebook page, Tweet about this blog and giveaway, and answer the question above! the drawing will be held on June 30th!

I want to thank Kravet again for their inspiration,  HGTV Magazine and Dyson! Visit Kravet’s blog Inspired Talk take a look at the Highlights from our weekend! See more photos on Blogfest2013 Facebook


As Always stay tuned …….




Blogfest 2013 was simply AMAZING! Starting out last Sunday morning, we headed to NYC to be blown away by bright colors, interesting texture, contemporary furniture, light fixtures and textiles, not to mention the Designers who create and inspire the industry!

The Three Day BlogFest was a wirl wind of shows, the 25th.ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), cocktails at Jonathan Adler’s on Madison Ave NYC, The Kips Bay Showhouse,  a luncheon at the Hearst Towers sponsored by HGTV and another cocktail party,  with Alexa Hampton, Tony Barratta, Johnathan Adler,  to name a few of the influential people and design Icons that we were able to rub elbows with, at Newel Antiquities. Here are the DESIGNING WOMEN! As Denise Maurer of Maurer Interiors, calls us at Grand Central Station the beginning of our journey:

Grand Central Station, Starting Out for Blogfest 2013

Grand Central Station, Starting Out for Blogfest 2013

Kickoff Blogfest 2013 at Johathan Adler's

Kickoff Blogfest 2013 at Jonathan Adler’s

Jennifer Powell was the coordinator of this incredible conference, packed with three days of unbelievable events, star-studded luncheons and events that exhilarated and inspired us.Jennifer Powell

Jennifer Powell, Communications Manager and truly the star of this event!

Tufted Headboard, and fabulous bedding!!!

Tufted Headboard, and fabulous bedding!!!

Just one of the inspirations from Johnathan Adler on Madison at the kickoff party for Blogfest 2013!

Javits Center For ICFF

Javits Center For ICFF

African Rug company Nanimarquina

African Rug company Nanimarquina

To be sure, when more than 500 exhibitors from around the world put on a show, as they did at ICFF, you can expect diversity. But you should also be able to pick out coherent strains of form, material or style. This rug of Shakespeare Head from Milton Glaser Shakespreare in Africa was certainly one of the exhibits that caught my eye.


Inspiring furnishings from ICFF


Kips Bay Showhouse 161 E 64th St. New York, New York

Tuesday morning started at Kips Bay Showhouse 2013 this event was exhilarating, and something that I have wanted to be part of as a designer, being able to visit this showhouse was a check off the bucket list of life for us. This 5 story upper east side town home, built-in 1899, has about 5,640 sq ft, 4 bedrooms 4.5 baths, a 2 story atrium, front and rear terraces, a garden and an elevator. Every year, celebrated interior designers transform a luxury Manhattan home into an elegant exhibition of fine furnishings, art, and technology.


Coutney Price and Christy Davis

Courtney and Christy were taking photos for this event, I had the pleasure of meeting both of these talented women and enjoying their company on this trip.


Marla Millar and me!

Doodle Home graciously sponsored breakfast, for the Blogfest group, as we sipped champagne in this $16 million space it was easy to get the feeling of how it would be to live in luxury. Marla introduced herself to me and we chatted about  Doodle home and what they do for the professional interior designer. Doodle Home helps manage the tasks that interrupt the creative process and leaves us to do what we do best “Create and Inspire beautiful interiors”! We quickly became good friends I’ll look forward to working with her and hopefully spending some time together! The kitchen was designed by Christopher Peacock, but we will save the showhouse rooms for another post!!


Hearst Towers where HGTV sponsored Lunch with Kravet!

This was the beginning of Blogfest 2013, this social engagement was incredible!  I spent last Monday afternoon at Blogfest 2013 at Hearst Tower, enjoying lunch, with lots of great sponsors,  like HGTV, Kravet, Neutrogena and Valspar. Also giveaways from HGTV magazine’s editor in chief Sara Peterson who was so cute and welcoming. The designers Thom Filicia and Alexa Hampton were informative and incredible. Candice Olsen was suppose to be the guest speaker with  Thom Filicia, but she misplaced her passport and was not able to board the plane. We were disappointed to hear that she was not present, but things quickly turned around when Alexa Hampton was announced as her replacement! Replacement hardly fit the bill, I would say our “Treat”! The room was on the 44th floor, the view, well it was the exquisite !  The decor was colorful with pink and green tables, valspar painted pots filled with pink Hydrangeas for an eye-catching table scape.

Pink and Green Delight

Pink and Green Delight

Beth Greene, warmed up the room opening our program!

Beth Greene, warmed up the room opening our program!

Beth Greene, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Branding for Kravet, opened the event, it was a beautiful day, with astonishing views and a Designer cast!


Thom Filicia, enjoying Beth Green speaking!

Thom Filicia was amazing, he moved us with his designs and shared some of his strategies. He was animated and hysterical at times with his comical antidotes about life, his larger than life personality took center stage as he spoke about his own past and present design work.

The giveaways!

The giveaways!

There was so much fun going on at the HGTV Blogfest event, but the one that really took top billing for me was the giveaways, Valspar paint, Moen Rain Shower heads and a pair of dyson Vacuums! Well as luck would have it I was busy chatting with Denise Maurer when I heard my name called, I stood up and didn’t even realize I had won the biggest giveaway!! As soon as I receive the vacuums,  I’ll figure out how to post a  giveaway and some lucky perosn will enjoy a new Dyson vacuum with me. Stay Tuned as always for details!!!


Newel Antiquities

Newel is the most extensive decorative and fine arts gallery in the United States, having been a premiere destination for international collectors and designers for over 70 years. Housed in a six-story building in East Midtown Manhattan, it showcases over 10,000 extraordinary works from around the globe dating from the 17th to the 20th Century, and is also involved in the creation of original pieces and reproductions.

Newel’s story began in 1939 when Meyer Newman founded the company as a prop house for Broadway shows and later assembled an unmatched inventory of works that he hand selected in Europe following World War II. Since the days of the original Broadway production of “My Fair Lady,” Newel has played a significant part in the supply of period furniture, art, and decorative objects to the motion picture and television industries, including such noted features as “The Godfather”, “Sex and the City”, and “Boardwalk Empire”.  In addition, fine retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman and Polo Ralph Lauren regularly incorporate Newel pieces into their masterful window displays. The gallery is also proud to have remained a family business and is currently in its fourth generation of ownership.

This was the ultimate place for cocktails with the incredible talented designers who joined us, we hob knobbed with design icons such as:


Alexa Hampton

Alexa Hampton, she is truly as warm and as down to earth as you can get. Her gracious personality made her so approachable. She is as beautiful as her designs, this was the highlight of my trip. I have been in awe of her designs for many years, and wish I could have the chance to work with this talented woman, meeting this auspicious designer was truly an honor!



Tuesday Morning: We ended this conference with a trip to Kravet Designs for a great breakfast and where we were privy to some of the newest designs,  some that we were not even able to take pictures of, because they had not been released to the public. Beth Greene who was our hostess for the tour took us through through the building, educating us on everything from digital printing of designs on fabric to the development of how ideas originate and how the art work is developed!


Aerin Lauder

Aerin Lauder is as beautiful as Estee Lauder, she shines and her softness comes alive in the fabrics and colors that she introduces to fabric. Many shades are similar to eye shadows, but her favorites she shared were the neutrals especially the brown chevron!

Kravet Fabirs Aerin Lauder's new line.

Kravet Fabrics: Aerin Lauder’s new line.


Maurer Interiors, Aerin Lauder, Designs by Michele for Styleland Interiors


Betsy, myself and Denise

Ending our day with dinner at Brazil Brazil, on the famed restaurant row in Manhattan,  328 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036. We ate drank and did a little merry-making!!!!

This was on our way home, we definitely had a wonderful three days, Many thanks to Kravet, HGTV, Valspar, Neutrogena and all of the people who worked so hard to make this event the success it was! On the train ride home it was time to wind down, Good Night Denise! I’m sure she was having spendid dreams!!!

Silly kid tricks r for kids

Sleeping beauty!!

As always stay tuned, for pictures of the interior of Kips Bay Showhouse and the Dyson Vacuum Giveaway!!!!



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